Corona Renderer Shatters The Industry With New Advances!

corona-rendererIn October of 2016, Corona released their 1.5 version, with industry shattering advancements. This newest release focuses on color, materials, and lighting along with other tweaks. Read More

You Need To Know How To Do 3D Modeling?

3dsmax-tutorialYou can use 3DS Max or another program to learn 3D modeling, but you need to know why it is necessary in the first place. You live in a place where your concepts need to be real, and there is no way for you to get the kind of picture in your mind’s eye that you need any other way. You want to look at it in many different ways, and you want to know that you have covered every part of your idea before it moves on to another person. Your supply chain in the office moves from one person to another until the design is complete, and everyone working on the same models helps. Read More