Corona Renderer Shatters The Industry With New Advances!

corona-rendererIn October of 2016, Corona released their 1.5 version, with industry shattering advancements. This newest release focuses on color, materials, and lighting along with other tweaks.

The newest update to Corona renderer is designed to cut post-production software needs, as well as allowing for third-party material compatibility. The new updates to Corona Renderer will enhance your workflow, and it’s more stable than before.

The Corona VFB features now have a brand new color selector, which includes a simple checkbox for switching between RGB and sRGB input. The new color selector features include more temperature methods, hex code, and the ability to represent in multiple scales. The Filmic Tone Mapping makes it easier to control shadows and highlights, along with exposure, white balance, and contrast working with the shadows and highlights as they did before. In addition, you get two exposure control modes, photographic exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and f-stop, plus all settings are adjustable during or after rendering.

Corona has a unique Interactive LightMix that allows you to adjust groups of lights, the color of lights, and light-emitting materials during interactive, regular or post rendering. The versatility of this tool gives you the ability to make subtle adjustments or extreme ones, like turning day into night. All of the separate render elements in each group of lights can be saved, then combined again without having to re-render them.

Materials in the Corona Renderer now meet with industry standards, so the works as you expect. The GGX BRDF was also updated to meet industry standards, removing dark or light halos around rough edges. With the new VFB improvements such as bloom and glare render elements, saturation, and vignette you won’t need to use third-party software. Work has already begun on 1.6 it’s sure to be just as exciting.

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