Improvements to HD Models

In recent years, there have been many advancements in 3D and HD models. Historically, when 3D and HD technology comes to mind, people think of television or movies. Video games especially are so highly rendered that players can interactively design a character’s face and body type with great ease by clicking a mouse and dragging some features a few times. More importantly, HD models are no longer just things that exist on a computer or television screen anymore. Finally, software and hardware have combined to produce the ability to make these models real life, tangible things with the advent of 3D printers. Read More

3D cars model in automobile industry

hd carsHD car models is very useful in the automobile industry. Seeing HD optics on the internet is amazing. They capture the essence of every aspect of a vehicle. HD cars, feature the latest versions and specifications- models, engine, speed/automatic, wheels, style, interior and more of a car.

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HDRI Technology

hdriHDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) is used when you photograph a scene in contrast, with shadows and light, which expand details and ranges. The ranges of bright light values, can be recorded. With the use of its technology- the process simplifies and takes a series of shots- using a different exposure settings.

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Three Dimensional Graphical models

3d model freeSeveral types of 3d models are commonly used in graphic design. 3d models for free gives the user a clear and exact picture of how the building will look like after it’s constructed. Free 3d models are mainly considered as a pattern or a plan of the structure of a building that is intended to be built. Three dimensions’ models are the way to go for a perfect and profitable construction. They have of late become critical, and every contractor should know it, use it and make more profits. Read More

You Need To Know How To Do 3D Modeling?

3dsmax-tutorialYou can use 3DS Max or another program to learn 3D modeling, but you need to know why it is necessary in the first place. You live in a place where your concepts need to be real, and there is no way for you to get the kind of picture in your mind’s eye that you need any other way. You want to look at it in many different ways, and you want to know that you have covered every part of your idea before it moves on to another person. Your supply chain in the office moves from one person to another until the design is complete, and everyone working on the same models helps. Read More